Swinging Beetle Tags

London Denim Understatement T Swing Tags
London Denim Understatement T Swing Tags
London Denim Understatement T Swing Tags Close Up
London Denim Understatement T Swing Tags Close Up

Finished my London Denim Understatement T-Shirt swing tags this morning.  Had a not such fun time in front of the TV last night braiding the string then took a loose grey dye to them and left then on the radiator over night.  The tags were given an acrylic ink wash then stamped with a pure black ink London Denim stag beetle.  I put together 30 in total then rewarded myself with a big pat on the back.  Now just got to put together the instruction sheet for the factory to follow when they have to make these





Horrible Icicles


On our way back from Horrible Histories the Tudors at the Hackney Empire,  three kiddies in tow:  The Boy, Next Door Boy and Chatty Boy spotted this massive five foot long icicle hanging from the anti pigeon netting under the bridge.  A long debate ensued about Stalagmites and Stalactites   After working out what this one was we went onto the much more horrible discussion of how much blood would pour from your head if it fell on you.

Horrible Histories was nearly as gruesome as our bloody discussion.

Horrible Histories

Great Icicle Pictures

Sir Boy turns Marc Jacobs Coke Bag into Knights Helmet.

A much better use of the Marc Jacobs coke tote
A much better use of the Marc Jacobs coke tote

Whey-hey a free Marc Jacobs coke tote popped through my door this morning.  The dots reminded me more of Japanese dot artist Yayoi Kusama but Boy had the measure of this pointless piece of plastic and turned it into a knights helmet.   The pic is before I cut out the eye holes for him and  looks quite the Dr Who enemy like this,  I imagine the episode entitled “The Coked Up Jacobean Knights”…….

For a much more cerebral experience check out Kusama here.



Boy Invents Western Chopstick Eating Method


I was a proud proud father earlier today when after a generous helping of Jack the Giant Slayer at the local picture house we grabbed a Wagamama and the Boy invented a totally new eating method.  He was struggling with chopsticks so came up with the Boy Chopstick Method (BCM for short).  The BCM is to jam the chopstick into the prongs of the fork then proceed to use these for eating.  Ok it took him over 30 minutes to finish his noodles but he assures me that practice will yield a commensurate increase in speed.

We’d both recommend Jack the Giant Slayer.  Especially the Ewen McGregor Waxed Moustache ends…

Jack the Giant Slayer (Common Sense Media Reviews by Kids)







London Denim AW13 Understatement T-Shirt Lookbook.







From the moment I thought these up I’ve looked forward to putting them together.  Today I assembled 30 lookbooks to be sent out to press and stylists this week.  The hand printed the inside front covers covered with an acetate I traced from the vintage paper on the walls of the shoot.  The back board was given a wash then block printed with my Stag Beetle print then the whole thing is held together with these fantastic oversized solid copper rivets Reid from Backyard denim put me onto.  I almost can’t bare to part with them…almost….


My son the designer






Boy surprised wife this morning with a GEOMAGS necklace which she obligingly wore out of the front door and onto work.  Think this is quite deco with a bit of a suffragette colour-way happening so feel a revival coming on.  Watch the show next season and remember you saw it here first.  I can already hear the phone ringing – must be the V&A requesting pieces from their permanent collection.  Good to see the Boy looking after the ladies already,  bodes well for Mrs Boy in the far future….



Beautiful Birds and Roast Dinners

London Denim Jackdaw Emboridery
London Denim Jackdaw Emboridery
London Denim Blue Throat Embroidery
London Denim Blue Throat Embroidery
London Denim Bee Eater
London Denim Bee Eater

Sunday Morning and already:

1. Said goodbye to house guests Sister in Law and Brother in Law who were in town for a first aid course
2. Taken a flat shot of a crumpled Long Sleeve London Denim Bee Eater T Shirt and other bird embroideries to see if the crumpled look is a possible winner for product display
3. Watched the last 10 minutes of Green Lantern which I found the boy watching when I emerged from the family pit.
4. Been to the local store to get Sweet Potatoes to roast for inclusion in my Sunday lunch.  We have guests again……
5. Answered eMail
6. Written this post.

My bird embroidery was done by Lucie who works for Andrew at the London Embroidery Studio.  They are a talented twosome who are doing quite a few tasks for me at the moment.  From the back pockets of my new mens jeans through to the brand logos.

London Embroidery Studio

Green Lantern