Farewell Wife’s Polkadot Manolo Mules

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 18.59.39


In February 1999 we were skiing in Denver over Wife’s birthday.  I had this very pair of Manolos delivered to our hotel rooms.  I remember the delivery box was ten times as large as the shoes and I kidded her into believing that I’d gone crazy and bought a tent so we could go snow camping.  Wife said she loved them however this would be the last time I would buy her kitten heeled mules as a years later she confessed they were not her favourite style.  Hells Bells they could have been sent back and been replaced with ones she loved.  GIRLS learn to be a bit more honest with us guys. We only learn from our mistakes when YOU tell us we’ve made them.  ONLY WOMEN ARE PSYCHIC IN REAL LIFE.

Yesterday she put them on eBay….I’m pretty sanguine about it…  (Mind you I did just order her 11 new pairs from a Vente Privee sale so she does have to make room).


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