Cookson and Clegg drop in for a Chat


Jonathan Tarlton-Weatherall from Cookson and Clegg popped in for a chat about making jeans in the UK.  While he puffed on his pipe (Hes on the bottom right of the picture)  and bought me up to date on the fantastic works Cookson and Clegg are doing with outerwear I got busy doing a bit of shoulder touching of the two young men he bought with him.  They were not amused!

Cookson and Clegg are an ages old British manufacturer with one hell of a reputation for fantastic quality production.  They used to produce only for the armed services but opened up their production to private business a few years ago.  Although the’re not your standard jeans maker I could tell by the quality of the samples that Jonathan had bought with him that for heavy fabrics they must be the top uk maker.  Its going to be very interesting working with them.



Boys Swimbag Turns Up!

Boys Lost Skull and Dagger Swimbag
Boys Lost Skull and Dagger Swimbag

Following on from the loss of the swimbag, (Read Here) the drive to the uniform shop, purchase of new goggles, trunks, bag and customisation of new bag:

I was in boys class yesterday and what was hanging off the peg?

AHHHHHHHHHH A scowl crossed my face, my eyes went dark, horrific tirades bubbled up from my chest,  I turned round, opened my mouth and staring at Boy and his Teacher said, “Oh Boys bag was here all along,  how nice.”  Smiling like a cheshire cat I turned and walked from the classroom only to stop at the school secratarys office to show her that I’d located the lost swim bag.  With a smile on my face I left the school to find sanctuary in a double shot latte where I drowned out the memory of the lost 3 hours it took to replace it.

One consolation came this morning as I loaded Boys swim Kit into his old bag.  “Dad can’t I have the new bag, I really like the swallow?”  NO I replied sternly, you have to learn to look after your things better then you can have the new bag.

Secretly I was pleased I really like the swallow too and I’m so vain I’ll take praise where I can get it.

Wizards House 2 – Fenrir Greyback

Fenrir Greyback House
Fenrir Greyback House

Driving round the A406 to Understatement T factory and saw this house.  Unkempt and falling appart.  People keep away from it through the fear that it will fall on them coupled with the shivers it sends through your body if you look at it for too long.  I’m certain that this was Greybacks house.  The location is great for night time hunting of Muggles, the busy road drowns out the screams of a werewolf attack!



Sainsbury’s Protester

Holloway Road Sainsburys Protestor
Holloway Road Sainsburys Protester

Driving down the Holloway road this morning and this guy was on the side of the road marching slowly up and down outside a new Sainsbury’s Local store. Like a guard on duty, such was the look of determination on the man’s face I had to pull over and have a chat. Turned out his flat was to the side of the store and the air conditioning from the store was keeping him awake at night.

The rights and wrongs of his case I don’t know about but I do admire his protest and the peaceful but effective way he’s going about it.

Boys Swarovski Swim Bag

Boys Diving Swallow Swim Bag
Boys Diving Swallow Swim Bag

How many times has the Boy lost a piece of sports clothing or his swim goggles at school? Last week he pulled a blinder and managed to lose the whole of his swim Kit including the Swarovski crystal encrusted swim bag i created to carry his swim stuff when he was back in Nursery I was not amused. I was even less amused when wife said we had to get him another. There are only 2 months left of term till summer I protested, can’t he use a Waitrose carrier bag instead? Not to be persuaded I was bundled into the car and returned an hour later with a blank new swim-bag.

We kicked the Sunday lunch guests out at 6pm and since then I’ve been creating the bird and his name in Swarovski crystals for his bag.

Why a bird? (His last one was a pirate skull and dagger – tres nautical!)

Well Boy tells me: Mate 1 is the best at treading water, Mate 2 is the fastest but Boy is the best diver in the class. Hence a golden swallow seemed appropriate. When I showed it to him 5 mins ago his comment “I liked the skull better“. The normal lecture ensued “Well you should look after your stuff…..etc.etc.etc”

Mr Bean Dives – Boys much better than this

You learn something new every day Part 1 – Melting Hama’s

Hama Beads Disaster
Hama Beads Disaster

On Friday I lent our iron to my Mate.  Later that day I picked it up.  That night wife went to iron only to find that it was not  working.  Its one of those things.  We know that mate didn’t break it, its just one of those timing things like the front door bell going just when you’ve settled on the loo with this months Vogue.  

With friends round for Sunday lunch the flat was buzzing,  the adults chatting and the kiddies putting Hama bead patterns together.  We’d been out and bought a new Iron and with Wife in charge of it the Hama beads were being melted together to form all maner of fantastic designs.  We were all chatting away when boy asked if he could iron some beads himself.  Wife agreed he could.  (Now I’m not saying I agree or disagree with that decision and hindsight being a great thing and all that but would I have let him???)   Unfortunately Boy also misjudged and the furnace like heat of the new iron and not only melted the hama beads but also the assembly deck.

They say you learn something new every day. Today Wife learn’t that seven year old boys should NOT be left in charge of irons.  



Carrier Bag Wars

Viva Waitrose
Viva Waitrose

Popped down to Crouch End this morning to get a large picture framed.  Wife remembered that we needed food for our Greek Meze Family Film night tonight (The Hobbit will be on the main screen!).  Four steps in the direction of Marks and Spencer and she turned, a glint in her eye…  “Waitrose” she announced.  “I’m not paying Marks and Spencer for carrier bags”.

I think this is the start of our very north London middle class rebellion:

People may say its better for the environment and I can’t argue with that what I can argue with is the .05p they charge for a bag that probably costs them less that half a penny.  Then they have the cheek to tell me they are donating the money to charity.  Simons stands on his soap box ‘I BET THEY STILL TAKE THEIR ALL THEIR PURCHASING AND DISTRIBUTION COSTS OUT OF THAT.  I BET THIS IS A COST NEUTRAL ACTION FOR THEM’.  Simon steps off his soap box.

Viva Waitrose.