This Easter Give JUDAS a Marzipan Ball!

Judas Inclusive Simnel Cake


He’s the one always left off the Simnel cake but NOT in our family!  In our family NO disciple is left behind.

A simnel cake magically appears on our Easter table every year made either by Sis or Aunt and every year our Simnel cake bucks tradition and includes Judas (A tradition I think started by Uncle).  The Easter cake is traditionally made with marzipan balls representing the apostles minus Judas.  Our family being christo/inclusive believing that even Judas warranted forgiveness gives an additional marzipan ball for him.

I’m not however fully convinced of the goodness of this family story as both Aunt, Sis, Wife, Boy in fact most of the family is mad on marzipan and this is perhaps just another way for them to sneak additional marzipan onto the table!

Simnel Cake on Wiki




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