19/23 for Easter Egg Hunt


Its not often the whole of the family gets together and this Easter Sunday we came pretty close.  Cousin 2  and her family being the only missing party preferring to stay southern Italy with 21 degrees than braving the near zero of the Suffolk countryside.  That’s probably unfair as i’m sure Cousin 2 would have preferred to be taking part in our Easter Egg hunt.  So the table was set for just 19 but 19 out of 23 ain’t bad in my book.

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter egg hunt is a bit of a tradition in our family.  The format is simple; teams are created and the clue master (This time Wife et moi) give out clues which when solved lead to a token. This token is returned and another clue is given.  This is repeated until one team has collected all of their tokens is declared the winner and gains the prize of being first to choose from the egg basket.

In the past tokens have been hidden in all manor of strange places,  Cousin 3 once tied one to a chickens leg while Cousin 2 has sent us hunging under a local bridge to find one.  The best of our clues this year were hidden in the Chicken house, a old style bed pan and around the edge of a well (Thank you Aunt for preventing the untimely demise of Boy!)

Team led by Cousin 1 stormed home to a well deserved victory leaving Aunt’s and Sisters teams bringing up the rear.  Of course I’d been at the chocolate long before their victory and most of the Maltesers bunnies were already safely squirrelled away in my tummy.

Maltesers Bunnies





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