Daphne Guinness – Splash! – Flamenco Galaxy Dress

Splash! - Showstudio Collaboration
Splash! – Daphne Guinness in the centre of a Galaxy – Showstudio Collaboration

All morning I’ve had Showstudio website running in the on my desktop while I’ve been tapping away.  Designer Iris van Harpen is melting, shaping acrylic to form a Splash dress, a collaboration with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness .  I just love the feeling of having someone else silently working in the background especially on a project like this where we’ve already had a highly visual experience of seeing a naked Daphne doused in coloured water.  Wonderful.   The screen grab does not do this justice.  I’ve taken about 40 which will go up on the inspiration board in the studio.  Love the flamenco galaxy dress I see in the pic above.

Visit the site and perhaps watch for a while.  She’s taken a break but is back at 2pm.



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