Bumper Boats and Racing Carts

Bumper Boats at the Twinlakes Park
Bumper Boats at the Twinlakes Park

Our weekend in the Midlands (Sounds glamorous eh…) started at Twinlakes Park on Friday afternoon.  The last two amusement parks we went to were both Disney and this was not so much a step down as a step back into childhood memories with the bonus of experiencing it again with the Boy.  Remember bumper boats?  Remember haunted houses where you walked round pitch black corridors with spongy floors and dangling ropes taking the opportunity to pat your girlie’s bottom or scare her witless with a touch on the back of the neck?  Remember the roller-coaster which went at such a sedate pace you could eat your packed lunch before it finished?

Boy LOVED our trip down memory lane, what’s more I have a sneaky feeling that he loved it more than the Disneys…. Perhaps their rides are just too much fun or maybe its that at Twinlakes he could spend a decent amount of time on each ride.  10 minutes on the bumper boats and he still wanted more!  He spend another 12 mins knackering himself  on the racing carts.  That was after the initial moan that the racing carts did not have engines but pedals.  Moans quickly replaced by shouts of joy when his staying power put him ahead of the competition on the final few laps.

A tired family left the park when it closed.  I think I know what the Boy would like for Christmas this year…..

Twinlakes Park – Leicestershire

Racing Pedal Cars at the Twin Lakes Park
Racing Pedal Cars at the Twin Lakes Park

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