Horney Ceilings

Horney Ceiling
Horney Ceiling

Staying at Stapleford Park Hall for the weekend.  The Hall is one of those hotels you find in every county in the UK; a tiny bit faded but with attentive staff and food which is slowly finding its way in the world. The rooms we took were pleasant enough but off to the side and reminded me why I much prefer staying in the main house.  I don’t mean to sound lazy but the extra 100 meters to walk to get breakfast plays havoc with my hangover;  Also when I’m not in the main house (And by main house I mean in rooms off the main staircase) I rather feel like I’m a guest being hidden away,  the ugly uncle rather than the Lord of the Manor.   Read into my psyche whatever you will.

The Hall has an amazing number of private dining rooms and in one I found this ceiling full of dead animal skulls.  Really rather impressive.

Stapleford Hall

A quick note on Food to follow:


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