Let Loose the Bear in the Mirror Maze

Chasing Boy Through the Burghley Mirror Maze
Chasing Boy Through the Burghley Mirror Maze

Yesterday afternoon with the sun shining we took the football and played in front of one of the grandest country houses in England.  Burghley house has played host to Kings, Queens and Princes and now it was our time.  I think the spirits of the place loved seeing our small family passing the ball around the grounds although we did have to pass it to an attendent for safe keeping when we toured the house.  Perhaps he’d see our earlier antics in the Mirror Maze and Water Gardens.

I was soundly beaten to the middle in the Mirror Maze.  Both Boy and Wife seemed to have a second sight and made their way straight there leaving me floundering and taunting me with their laughs.  I let loose the bear and rampaged about till I found them and chased them right out the maze.  Unfortunately I chased them into the water gardens where Boy squeals of terror at being chased by the bear were replaced by shouts of joy in getting himself absolutely soaking wet.  Needless to say boy slept well last night….


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