Cornish Tin Miners Getting me Going!


Todays jean meeting in Leicester suddenly moved to Thursday as a result of a lost factory owners phone.  My diary goes to hell and then Professer C down from the University  calls.  I’ve got a project on the go with them and he sends a load of questions and part of the brief.  The old saying goes if you put rubbish in you get rubbish out so had to spend 60 mins on quick desk research, pulling together an example of what I expect the students to deliver.  This with a couple of hundred words and an outline of the format I want the results in should mean I get a decent result from the little sponges.

The projects about olde english workware its the research to create core blocks (Clothing Patterns)  for a project that may or may not happen next year.  The example I chose to give was a Cornish miners jacket.  The issue I now have is that doing a little research whets your appetite.  I’m already imagining myself wearing one of these in a coarse white tea dyed  linin and want to know more about them.  A dangerous time soaking up place to be.

I will resist.


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