Rorschach Skull

Simons Rorschach Skull

Simons Rorschach Skull

Sorting through old artwork for a new t-shirt project and found this scary fella who’s  going to be revived.  I got into thinking about Rorschach prints after the Watchmen film.  He’s a disturbed character whose mask has an ever changing Rorschach print on it.  In many ways he’s the most honest character in the story.  I put together a series of Rorschach ideas as creative direction for designers I work with.

Originally Rorschachs are the name of the ink blot print used by psychiatrist to help work out a persons thinking.

Watchmen Film
Rorschach Character in Comic Novel (This was a serious comic and the artwork by Dave Gibbons put the book on the NY Times bestseller list one of only a couple of comics to do so including Sandman by Neil Gaimen and the Dark Knight Returns.)
Rorschach Test History


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