WW2 British Dispatch Riders Jacket Uncovered

WW2 British Curriers Jacket
WW2 British Curriers Jacket

Down to Bournemouth university today to meet and brief the team I will be working with for the next five weeks on a historic clothing project.  The team (nine 2nd years) were all bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning despite some of them not getting to bed much before 3 after drinks the previous evening.  How I envy their youth.  I was in bed by 10:30!

The project got off to a great start,  intelligent questions showed they understood the brief and a highlight was a WW2 British dispatch riders coat one particularly eagle eyed student had found at a car boot sale over the weekend.  She paid £7!!  Such a pity the brief does not include military dress.  Looking forward to our building up a great archive of pre-war working mens clothing.

Any friends with pieces in their own archives are welcome to send them over.

Bournemouth Arts Uni
Eagle Eyed Student


5 thoughts on “WW2 British Dispatch Riders Jacket Uncovered

  1. Uploading a picture of the removable buttons I told you about on Wednesday, went to Wimborne museum to meet with the head of costume today and she had them, amongst tons more amazing stuff!

    1. I was looking at that photo of the button today and remembered where I last saw them also in the button shop in Hampstead. Good going lizzie

      1. Ah good I want to try and get hold of some, I bought a big bag of old buttons today so if I’m as lucky as I was at the weekend there might be a gem in there! but the costume lady told me all about the buttons and she had about 4 or 5 other types of removable ones too!

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