One Boy and his Horse

1 Boy and his Horse
1 Boy and his Horse

Boys first riding lesson.  Boy riding ‘Cinderella’ accompanied by Wife and Myself on Caramel and Spot respectively   Boy was a tiny bit peeved (Quite rightly in my opinion,  young boys should ride boy horses) to find out his first ride would be on a girl horse named after his least favourite Disney cartoon.  ‘She was a babe‘ I tried to reassure him.  He soon had the measure of her which is more than I can say for Wife on Caramel who would only trot when I rode in front of her on my trusty Spot.  I even remembered my rising trot!  

During the hack Horse Man (pictured) took great delight in filling me in on his various intimate surgical procedures and the comings and goings of the local gentry in the area.  By the time we’d riden back into the stables I was better informed on a whole host of subjects I’d have been happily content to be ignorant of for the rest of my life.  “This is what happens when you step outside your front door “I moaned to Wife.

Going to be walking like John Wayne for the next coulpe of weeks….


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