Other peoples cupboards

Other Peoples Cupboards
Other Peoples Cupboards

I can’t help it.  When I’m round a friends and I go to the loo I take a peek in their medicine cabinet.  I’m not really interested in anything in there its more of there is a convenient door to open.  Its the same in Kitchens, especially fridges.  You can learn more about a person from opening up their fridge than anything else.  A tonne of ready meals tells me that all the cookery books on display are just for show.  A tonne of alcohol tells me this is a party house, a few of the right ingredients means I’ll bite their hand off for a dinner invite and if its dirty and unclean I’m making my excuses and heading off.

A shrink would probably say I have a pathological need for  discovery which drives me to open these doors.  My level headed sister in law would say that I’m a nosy parker and should be ashamed of myself which perhaps is true.  I’m addicted however,  I have no shame,  how else would I have found out about the fantastic vintage ‘Ice Cold in Alex‘ Carlsberg glasses in one cupboard or  the paracetamols which I swiped when a headache came on me during Mates dinner party.  Does that mean I’ve stolen drugs from a friend…..  Oh dear time for Dr Phil:

Cure Addiction with Dr Phil





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