Mad Ideas vs. Genius Ideas

Simons Novel Drilling
Simons Novel Drilling

My recommendation when you have a crazy idea and you have to try it out as soon as possible.  That way you’ll find out if its crazy or genius.  I’ve found the line between the two is micro-fibre thin.   I thought that penny coins would make good jeans buttons with old half penny as fly buttons.  So I set about creating a quick prototype to find out if it would be worth sending to the guy would could do the engineering.  Out comes the bench drill, various glues, vices and fixings.  Within 1 hour I’ve declared the idea Mad and got on with the rest of my day.

A Mate called just as I was clearing up and when I told him what I was doing laughed and said he’d seen them done already and they did not look good.  A quick search on the web revealed an image and yep it reminded me why the internet was invented.  Can I change my earlier recommendation:

When you have a mad idea check it out online first, then if its still looking good knock your socks off.

Coin Jean Button (Scroll Down a Tiny Bit)


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