Beeping Friends

Beeping Frineds

Just given Wife a lift to the Tube so she won’t be late for her meeting with Boss.  Left Boy in the capable hands of Nana who’s gracing us with her presence.  On the way to the tube spotted the familiar face of another school run dad so Beeped.  At that precise moment I had one of those moments of clarity and I learned a bit more about myself – I AM A BEEPER – Putting myself on my internal Psychiatrist couch (And because it all has to be about ME) I think my desire to Beep people (I do it a lot) must come from my desire to be beeped.   The bible put it best – Beep unto others as you would Beep unto yourself.

I really appreciate it when walking down the road and someone I know toots their horn at me.  It makes London seem a little bit smaller and more personal and puts a smile on my face.

I love my Beeping friends!


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