Carrier Bag Wars

Viva Waitrose
Viva Waitrose

Popped down to Crouch End this morning to get a large picture framed.  Wife remembered that we needed food for our Greek Meze Family Film night tonight (The Hobbit will be on the main screen!).  Four steps in the direction of Marks and Spencer and she turned, a glint in her eye…  “Waitrose” she announced.  “I’m not paying Marks and Spencer for carrier bags”.

I think this is the start of our very north London middle class rebellion:

People may say its better for the environment and I can’t argue with that what I can argue with is the .05p they charge for a bag that probably costs them less that half a penny.  Then they have the cheek to tell me they are donating the money to charity.  Simons stands on his soap box ‘I BET THEY STILL TAKE THEIR ALL THEIR PURCHASING AND DISTRIBUTION COSTS OUT OF THAT.  I BET THIS IS A COST NEUTRAL ACTION FOR THEM’.  Simon steps off his soap box.

Viva Waitrose.


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