Boys Swarovski Swim Bag

Boys Diving Swallow Swim Bag
Boys Diving Swallow Swim Bag

How many times has the Boy lost a piece of sports clothing or his swim goggles at school? Last week he pulled a blinder and managed to lose the whole of his swim Kit including the Swarovski crystal encrusted swim bag i created to carry his swim stuff when he was back in Nursery I was not amused. I was even less amused when wife said we had to get him another. There are only 2 months left of term till summer I protested, can’t he use a Waitrose carrier bag instead? Not to be persuaded I was bundled into the car and returned an hour later with a blank new swim-bag.

We kicked the Sunday lunch guests out at 6pm and since then I’ve been creating the bird and his name in Swarovski crystals for his bag.

Why a bird? (His last one was a pirate skull and dagger – tres nautical!)

Well Boy tells me: Mate 1 is the best at treading water, Mate 2 is the fastest but Boy is the best diver in the class. Hence a golden swallow seemed appropriate. When I showed it to him 5 mins ago his comment “I liked the skull better“. The normal lecture ensued “Well you should look after your stuff…..etc.etc.etc”

Mr Bean Dives – Boys much better than this


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