You learn something new every day Part 1 – Melting Hama’s

Hama Beads Disaster
Hama Beads Disaster

On Friday I lent our iron to my Mate.  Later that day I picked it up.  That night wife went to iron only to find that it was not  working.  Its one of those things.  We know that mate didn’t break it, its just one of those timing things like the front door bell going just when you’ve settled on the loo with this months Vogue.  

With friends round for Sunday lunch the flat was buzzing,  the adults chatting and the kiddies putting Hama bead patterns together.  We’d been out and bought a new Iron and with Wife in charge of it the Hama beads were being melted together to form all maner of fantastic designs.  We were all chatting away when boy asked if he could iron some beads himself.  Wife agreed he could.  (Now I’m not saying I agree or disagree with that decision and hindsight being a great thing and all that but would I have let him???)   Unfortunately Boy also misjudged and the furnace like heat of the new iron and not only melted the hama beads but also the assembly deck.

They say you learn something new every day. Today Wife learn’t that seven year old boys should NOT be left in charge of irons.  




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