Sainsbury’s Protester

Holloway Road Sainsburys Protestor

Holloway Road Sainsburys Protester

Driving down the Holloway road this morning and this guy was on the side of the road marching slowly up and down outside a new Sainsbury’s Local store. Like a guard on duty, such was the look of determination on the man’s face I had to pull over and have a chat. Turned out his flat was to the side of the store and the air conditioning from the store was keeping him awake at night.

The rights and wrongs of his case I don’t know about but I do admire his protest and the peaceful but effective way he’s going about it.


One Comment on “Sainsbury’s Protester”

  1. Garry says:

    I saw him this morning, and was wondering.
    Couldn’t be bothered to stop though:-)
    Now I Know.

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