Boys Swimbag Turns Up!

Boys Lost Skull and Dagger Swimbag
Boys Lost Skull and Dagger Swimbag

Following on from the loss of the swimbag, (Read Here) the drive to the uniform shop, purchase of new goggles, trunks, bag and customisation of new bag:

I was in boys class yesterday and what was hanging off the peg?

AHHHHHHHHHH A scowl crossed my face, my eyes went dark, horrific tirades bubbled up from my chest,  I turned round, opened my mouth and staring at Boy and his Teacher said, “Oh Boys bag was here all along,  how nice.”  Smiling like a cheshire cat I turned and walked from the classroom only to stop at the school secratarys office to show her that I’d located the lost swim bag.  With a smile on my face I left the school to find sanctuary in a double shot latte where I drowned out the memory of the lost 3 hours it took to replace it.

One consolation came this morning as I loaded Boys swim Kit into his old bag.  “Dad can’t I have the new bag, I really like the swallow?”  NO I replied sternly, you have to learn to look after your things better then you can have the new bag.

Secretly I was pleased I really like the swallow too and I’m so vain I’ll take praise where I can get it.


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