Dr Deveril’s Hair Challenge

The Past, Present and Future of Dr Deverils Hair
The Past, Present and Future of Dr Deverils Hair

When a friend writes a post like this Blogging on Empty you know he’s having one of those weeks where the sky is grey, mornings are cold and the suns no where to be seen.  Its times like this I can really like to take advantage of mates and get them to promice to do things that they otherwize would not countance.  Hooray – Fun Fun Fun.

Hence when the conversation on Dr Deverils blog went like this:

  • kingkingy says : I think you need a mission.
  • Deveril says : I’ve been without a mission for a while, and it’s proving difficult to identify what my mission could be…
  • kingkingy says : Can I give you a little mission?
  • Deveril says : What would that be…?
  • kingkingy says : Probably pointless and a bit banal but it would bring a smile to my face. Would probably take a good few hours to complete and the rules would be that you would have to post everything up on the site as you went along. No more clues – Yes or No – A yes constitutes a binding contract backed up by a unbreakable oath curse…….:-)
  • Deveril says : Sounds intriguing… and in the spirit of adventure… I accept the challenge… Yes.

And the challenge goes like this:

Dr Deveril’s Hair Challenge – The Past Present and Future of Dr Deveril’s Hair.

From is teenage years Deverils hair has always been a essential part of his self expression.   In the 1980’s his short locks were grown and transformed through his immersion in and desire to align himself with the alternative music scene:  from the Cure to the Smiths and onto Janes Addiction his appreciate of this scene grew and grey as did his hair.   As a result Deveril’s hair has  been the cause of a couple or ructions:  A 80’s youth club disco in a Suffolk county town full of strapping young farmers kids full of the spunk of youth and spoiling for a fight started taking the Micky of his Robert Smith style mop.  Another Mate misinterpreted and laid into them resulting in a rather screechy tires exit from the village when said Mate discovered that he didn’t have as much spunk as the young farmers.  Another time he and another Robert Smith hair-doed mate come in through the door  carrying a dead baby chick apparently thrown at them from a speeding car with the shout of ‘WEIRDOS” echoing in the distance.  I’m sure this would not have happened had Deveril and Mate had a short back and sides rather than their Robert Smith mops.  I never saw Deveril’s preparation of his hair for a night out,  I never saw it as many of his girlfriends would have in the morning:  a right mess and  I’m curious.  This is my opportunity to find out a bit more about the Hair on-top of the man and have a bit of fun at a mates expense.  So thats a bit of context.:

Deveril, here is your challenge :  The Past, Present and Future of Dr Deverils Hair:

1.  The Past – Obtain and publish online a picture of your hair in every guise since the you were a toddler to the hairdo prior to the one you have now.  Explain who was responsible for the hairdo,  what the maintenance regime was and relate any interesting Hair related experiences you had.  For instance did your girlfriends have trouble running their hands through your hair?

2.  The Present: Publish a picture of your hair now.  Telling us how you got it like that,  what you have to do to maintain it and what your friends and family think of it.

3.  The Future:  Publish online pictures of 3 new hair styles which you’ve not had before but would be happy to sport.  Place a poll online for your friends to vote on.  After a week take the winning style and have it done to your hair – Again publishing a picture of this style.

Its your mission.  You’ve accepted it.  Looking forward to seeing the results.

Deveril’s Blog is Here
This is how I remember Deveril in my minds eye
This is Woodbridge Community Hall where the first Hair Ruction took place


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