Kate Moss Pops Through My Front Door – AGAIN!

How Many Front Covers Can this Girl Have?
How Many Front Covers Can this Girl Have?

June bags Kate Moss yet another British Vogue cover.  When Wife gets home tonight we will look into each others eyes tonight and scream – WHAT AGAIN!   Don’t get me wrong I believe that she’s the most photographically versatile model ever born.  I’ve even got a naked photo of her in my bathroom (Its an early Corrine Day shot – the kids next door once asked me why I have a naked picture of Wife on the wall – Bless them – I wish!).  But does she or  anyone deserve to get 32 British Vogue front covers?

What I find amazing is the continual appetite for all things Kate.  Lets see last month I saw her on the cover of Alex Fury’s Love magazine, front the launch of a new leather brand and design a sushi box.   They were only things that crossed my path so based on Simon Kings law of the media that I only see 5% of whats happening out there she must have also flown relief flights to Iraq, designed several new tops for Philip Green and been on the cover of at least 10 other national titles around the world.

Old brands who test shot with her are even trawling their archives and presenting Vintage Kate pictures.  VINTAGE?  It used to be that something had to be 100 years old to be an antique,  whats the age definition of vintage.

Is a picture of Kate really vintage?

Kate Most for Molton Brown




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