Inspire a new generation

Vogues for Cousins Girl
Vogues for Cousins Girl

About 4 years ago I sold my  magazine archive which included 20 years of Vogue, this freed up an incredible space in my studio.  The last four years of Magazines were beginning to remind me of the old collection and as the London Denim archive already has two massive boxes of magazines I will never get rid of it was time for the studio magazines to go.  Yesterday it was goodbye to four years of Vogue, Pop and Love and hello to free shelf space.  They went to a good home as 2nd cousins daughter is just getting into fashion design and after following my advice of “If you want to start designing buy a sewing machine, some fabric and a pattern and just start” I’m feeling obliged to back up my advice with something a bit more solid.  Her face was a picture as they were transfered between our cars.

Happy Reading 2nd cousin once removed L!



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