Our Family Paella.

Tapas Day
Tapas Day

Friends round for games of cards on Monday and my big thing is to make sure I don’t spend too much time in the kitchen.  Cooking spanish is a great way to do this as a Tortila can be made in advance as can a couple of salads and the paella almost cooks its self.  Naturally I won’t let Wife anywhere near the cooking as her lack of culinary skills is legendary.

Our house paella is a simple recipe:

A load of chorizo
A load of prawns
A load of asparagus
A load of onions
A load of courgettes
A load of spring beans
A load of paella rice
A load of chicken stock – Pref home made
A bottle of white wine

Chuck the onion into a pan with some oil.  After a couple of mins chuck in the rice, after a couple of mins chuck in the chorizo, after a few seconds chuck in the asparagus.  Chuck in some stock and a good load of white wine.  Bring to boil and simmer for 10 mins.  Chuck in some more wine and stock and prawns,   Simmer for 10 mins.  Chuck in some more stock and courgettes and spring beans, season and simmer for 10 mins then turn off heat and leave lid on.  Serve anytime in the next 30 mins without having to warm up again.  Ole!

Gosh anyone can do this recipe book lark. How easy was that…where do I sign up….



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