Row Row Row Your Boat

Boy, Big C and Little C.
Boy, Big C and Little C.

Rowing in Englands green and pleasant land: from Dedham to Flatford.  Our two families met in the car park where brother in law informed me that the nephews had already sorted out the passenger list for each boat.  Boy, Nephews and myself in one boat with Sister, Brother in Law and Wife in the other.  “I don’t want to ROW” I protested.  The night before having been a late one I had imagined Wife taking the lead in rowing while I idly dangle my hand in the soothing water while lazily dreaming of nothing.  No such luck was to come my way.  2 Nephews, 1 Boy and a hung over Dad makes for a slow boat and the ensuing race between the boats was won by Brother in Laws boat with ours only winning the most most zig zags and circles performed in an hour.

Glad to be back on dry land we headed to sisters for Sunday lunch and the blessing that is her squiggly sofa and 30 mins of luxurious shut eye.


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