Messing with your mind

Mess with your mind
Mess with your mind

Boys oldest friend stopped by for a sleepover tonight which always means a fun meal with Parent Friends before they pop off to reappear in the morning for kid collection.  Male Parent Friend whose nickname in our house is MESS WITH YOUR MIND is a shrink who is also an amateur magician.  Naturally as soon as the boys saw each other they were off never to be seen until dinner and we were left to be captivated by MESS WITH YOUR MINDS amazing floating ring.

The picture above would have been of a floating ring but we were too amazed to do anything as banal as taking pictures.  The plus side of him being a shrink is he knows how to talk us down when we start to suss out how the illusion works and thus still leaves us feeling like we are kids,  magic really does exist….  doesn’t it…….  Oh Mess with our minds…….


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