London Denim Union Hemmed and 3 Stitches Per CM.

Union Made
Union Made

If there is one thing a denim guy wants to see at a jeans maker its a Union chainstitch.  Union made a couple of varietys of these and to be honest I’m not fussy which one turns up on the factory floor just as long as they have one so I was delighted at the end of the factory tour to see the Union sitting there waiting to hem the jeans they are going to be making for me.  One less thing to worry about.

3 Stitches Per Inch
3 Stitches Per CM

With the tour over its down to details.  As ever the various ticknesses of  thread comes from my bag and stitch samples and button holes are soon produced and placed in front of me.  Quality fantastic;  they have the machinery and they know what they are doing.  Fantastic.  Next just have to eMail them the pattern and we’re away!  If it was always this easy everyone would be doing it!


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