Boys Film Poster


Daddy lets make a big poster is a call Boy makes to me at least once a month.  It used to be more frequent but now he’s into reading, handstands and sleepovers its subsiding.  Last weekend the call came and I happily began to tape together sheets of A3 to make a huge poster.  Boy had watched “The Seeker – The Dark is Rising” and wanted this to be the focus.  A sign of his age I guess is the speech bubble which appeared at the Dark Riders mouth.  I quote Boys writing directly:

Mummy wipes my bum
I’m going to do a poo.
Give me a nappy!!!

I asked Boy if he was quoting directly from the film.  He just laughed.

I should perhaps have put him straight, told him not to write such childish things but the fact is he is a child and I’m a bad dad who was just so proud of his beautiful handwriting, that everything was spelt properly and had correct punctuation!

The films more for 8 year olds info on it here





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