Wife Kills Boys Bird

Boys First Bird
Boys First Bird

Boy rocked up home today with Bird in hand.  The first bird he’d bought home at the tender age of seven.  Well you can imagine what a happy Dad I was.  He whispered to me that I could have it for a gift for my birthday…..  Not only had my Boy bought a bird home – He’d given it to me!  I love Boy.  Then wife came home all smiles and full of the joys of spring (The sun had come out for the first time in the day!) and upon seeing Bird picked it up a bit too roughly.  The birds body stayed firmly in her hand while the head flew across the kitchen.  DECAPITATED!

I put it back together to take this picture but I can assure you that its just a corpse now.  Wife killed it good and proper   Thought about calling the police then remembered that there is some law about a husband dobbing his wife in for murdering a competing bird so will probably have to let this one go.

I hope this serves as a warning to other Dads who are foolish enough to take on their sons Birds…


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