Birthday Presents

My Birthday Haul
My Birthday Haul

Coming up to my 43rd birthday (Writing it down makes it seem so permanent ) I decided that my age needed to start going backwards.  I invested in a cross trainer and cut my drinking down by 80%.  Wife followed through on this theme with my birthday presents:

1.  A book about the future because now according to Wife I might live long enough to see it!
2.  Sweets of my youth because now I can eat them without guilt (the space dust popped just like it did when I was 13!  30 years ago).

Boy came through with a couple of lapel pins I’d seen in the Hampstead arcade.  They’re from a more gentile time when us boys could get away with a lobster on their lapel without their mates taking the piss.  Not that I’ve ever cared what my friends thought about the way I dress they are mostly lousy dressers so their opinions can be ignored.  The best Boy present came in the form of a box with cut up feathers in it.

Whats this Boy?” I asked

Is’s a feather box” He said  “when you’re moody you put your fingers in it and twiddle them about

Now we’re a very expressive house.  I tell everyone what I’m thinking and feeling all the time.  That way no one can mistake my occasional mood swing as anything to do with them so Boys last gift is pretty special.  Its got a level of thought behind it that I think is quite special for a Seven year old.  I tried it today when I got home late from dropping off Wife in the west end.

It didn’t work…..but its not the gift its the level of thought that counts.


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