Newton, Weaver and Jimmy Savile – Google Safe Search is ON!

Weaver by Helmet Newton
Weaver by Helmet Newton

Have turned on google safe search for all the screens in the house  (iPads and Phones included) so Boy won’t accidentally find himself looking at something I’m not ready to explain to him just yet.  How I protect his beady eyes from the stuff when he’s round friends houses I’ve yet to figure out?  Think I may try a round-robin eMail later today.  I tried the following search terms on Google UK Image search with Safe Search on and got the following results:

Tits – Nothing
Boobs – Nothing
Boobies – A few pictures of Mainly Comical Boobies
Breasts – Some breasts – Not Explicite at all
Sex – The Sexual Predator Jimmy Savile – Max Clifford – Harry from One Direction! and Weaver (I had to scroll down quite far for this – DON’T Judge me too harshly!
Porn – Nothing
Pornography – Images dealing with pornography – Not Explicate at all.

All told there’s nothing really I don’t mind explaining to Boy.

HOWEVER – If you want to take a butchers at something to make the hairs on your neck stand up and pulse quicken take a look at the work of the extremely Talented Boy Helmet Newton who is without a doubt the most SEX photographer,  I say SEX because Sexy implies something almost cute and his work is far more powerful than that.  Beautiful and Lustful he turns most of his subjects into objects of desire – I say most as he tried hard with Margaret Thatcher and found something entirely different.  His work with Weaver is fantastic.

The Helmet Newton Foundation


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