Boys Homework / My Ego

Boys Night Park
Boys Night Park

Boys homework this weekend:  Make a collage from anything in your house, take a picture and write about it.  Boy decided my brilliant idea of making a massive collage out of garden furniture on our garden lawn was bunkum and opted instead for what my other brilliant idea which he thought would take less time and thus afford him more time in front of a screen of some kind: A natural collage.

We spent a good 30 mins pulling wife’s garden appart to get a good range of organic materials and a further 15 mins arranging them on the kitchen table before taking this picture.  Unfortunately our printer is out of ink so then a trip to the local print shop and £10 later we’re on our way home with the full on gloss 10 x 12 print.  2 hours after we’ve started the project he’s started on the writing part.

I take the blame entirely for over egging the project.  I could have eMailed the picture to Boys teacher,  I didn’t need to make a full photo quality print, we didn’t really need those two beautiful flowers we pulled up (Sorry Wife) and I didn’t need to spend 20 minutes photoshopping the picture but if I hadn’t done all that then the homework would not have been up to MY standards and I can’t have work leaving my house thats not reached a certain level.  I have a reputation to maintain!


3 thoughts on “Boys Homework / My Ego

  1. I’d give you three stars……(by the way, you don’t have to write about it – you’re so mean!)

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