Art Homework Wars! – Rock Boy trumps Night Park

Mates Collage Rocks
Mates Collage Rocks

Sitting in the canteen this morning with Boys mates mum and comparing the efforts we made for homework.  I think I’ve been trumped.  She pulled off a way cooler work which would not look out of place in a Soho gallery while my work Night Park is girl guides by comparison   I know I shouldn’t compare but I want not only 3 stars for my Boys homework but also for it to the the coolest homework in the year.  Boys other mate pulled together a fruit face which while a lot more comic in execution, critically I felt it did not have the depth of Night Park.

It seems I have competition in the Art Homework space which I thought I owned entirely.  You won’t remember the life size (22ft Long) barracuda or the Tudor house complete with thatched roof but I do.  I thought I looked down from my pedestal laughing but find myself looking up with neck ache.

Rocks!!  I ask you – Its obvious really.  Get Rocks, make a man out of them in a cool place and photograph.  Bet boys mate had much more fun making that than picking grass and flowers.

Wife said it all “I Must try harder!”


2 thoughts on “Art Homework Wars! – Rock Boy trumps Night Park

  1. I wish I could claim credit but boy’s mate’s mum was busy queuing for the Skandium warehouse sale that day! Looks like it’s the art war between the boys’ dads. Have a lovely day Simon 😉

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