Microwave Boy

Microwave Boy
Microwave Boy

So its the start of the half term.  The whole family has a weeks holiday.  Tonight we were to be under canvas in North Norfolk but being a wee wee knickers family we took one look at the weather, headed home, locked the doors and turned the central heating up to tropical.  The home is in a depressed mood.  Wife and myself are moping about half wishing the weather would improve for tomorrow and half wishing the travel agent we phoned earlier would call us back with the miracle deal that will get us on a plane tomorrow morning and on the beech somewhere hot in the afternoon.

Boy sensing the depressed mood decided to invent a series of characters to entertain us and his humour together with a glass of sparkling Cava has done wonders for the home mood.  GO ON ENGLAND THROW MORE RUBBISH WEATHER AT US!  WE DON’T CARE!…….    Do we Wife??……Wife…..  Oh.. She’s in bed hugging the phone.

Sorry Microwave boy,  even your powers of mood lifting are only temporary.

Night Night…  Can I have a hug….


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