Boys Boat

Boy Claims Salvage Rights
Boy Claims Salvage Rights

The sun came up on Saturday morning.  The dark clouds of Friday a distant memory and by 9am the King family was on the road to North Norfolk.  A land of ancient beauty, startling views and long traffic queues.

Long walks and bike rides were punctuated by wizards houses, adventure playgrounds and lots and lots of rotting wooden boats adding romance to an already charming landscape.   We camped with Aunty and  Uncle who have developed a knack of winding up Boy perfectly.  Boy loves Aunt and Uncle very much, evidenced by the fact that he returns again, again and again for more and more sound beatings, throwings and runnings around.  Such was his persistance at one point Uncle had to grab boys own bike to make his get away.  Don’t believe me the evidence is in the pictures below.

Bad Uncle Makes His Gettaway.
Uncle Makes His Gettaway.

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