Gucci Resort – Frida Dropping the Ball

Gucci Resort 2014
Gucci Resort 2014

Gucci Resort 2014 – Not much Fridas done right with this outfit.  Frida on the front reads so much like Prada however there the similarity ends.  The fly stitch sits uneasy with my eye as does the length.  I know the backgrounds only a picture but I want to roll up the girls trousers as when she gets to the restaurant the soggy hems and coarse sand rubbing against her ankles is going to annoy the hell out of her almost as much as this outfit irritates the eye.

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One thought on “Gucci Resort – Frida Dropping the Ball

  1. Hmm.. I have to say I do like her new collection (even though I do kinda agree with your comment about the trousers… now that you mentioned it- that’s all I can think about when I look at the pic…lol…) not particularly this piece, but I like the cool, relaxed kinda 70s vibe….

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