Liberty – Nudie – Repairing is Caring

Nudie Repair Station at Liberty
Nudie Repair Station at Liberty

Some denim guys put their noses up at Nudie.  They say “sure they use Japanese denim in some of their styles but its only Kaihara and they don’t do enough heritage product”  Any denim guy worth his salt would have got on a plane and met up with the guys at Kaihara,  then they would not be so quick to criticise.  A nicer bunch of knowledgable dedicated denim guys you could not hope to meet.  (Ok they are not Collect or Nihon but they still really know their stuff).  Nudie are perhaps the most distinct mid market jean in Europe now Diesel seem to have imploded in on itself  and they are vying with Edwin for what I see at the vacant Cool Jean No. 1 position.

Anyhows,  enough of the vegetables and onto the meat:  I wondered into Liberty this morning to check out their denim offering and amongst the massive Nudie selection there sits the best sales assistant in the world.  Knowledgable enough to talk about the product and skilled enough to run the Nudie jeans mending service.  Fresh from fashion course then internship with Nudie to her job in Liberty.  I’ve got a couple of pairs of Nudie jeans myself.  They’re at the bottom of my wear pile (for some reason I’m only wearing Edwin till my own London Denims are ready) so its highly unlikely that they’ll ever need a repair but I have to admire this free service Nudie are offering.  But wait,  a savagely fantastic idea pops into my head…………….I rip up a pair of my Nudies and take them in for a repair….. Would be interesting to see how they turn out and it costs me nothing…..

For now,  if you have Nudies and want to get some repairs done on them,  rip them up and take them down to the Liberty Nudie repair shop,  I’m doing that tomorrow morning.  I will let you know how they turn out.

ps:  I also have to admire the 20% discount they will give on a trade in of an old pair of Nudies for new.  I read somewhere that Nudie were doing a run of Italian selvage jeans using a new selvage denim they’re developing in Italy,  perhaps with TRC or some other mill I don’t know of so it will be likely when they are released I’ll be taking advantage of that offer.



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