McQueen Snakeskin Camo Jacket

McQueen Snakeskln Camo Jacket

McQueen Snakeskln Camo Jacket

Spent yesterday afternoon wondering the shop floors of Harrods and Selfridges.  On my way to the denim bar in Harrods this McQueen snakeskin jacket jumped out and bit me injecting an intense desire to own.  I remember a rather similar silhouetted Marc Jacobs college jacket achieving the same desire in my bones seven years ago.  The jacket however came with a ready supply of its own anti-venom;  the price tag £6599.00 enough to miraculously cure and send me on my way.

PS.  Camo snakeskin.  How do you hunt a snake with camouflaged skin?  Am I the only person to ask?  One thing here is certain:   McQueen employs  very Talented snake  trappers…..:-)


One Comment on “McQueen Snakeskin Camo Jacket”

  1. […] PPR or whatever they are called today created a camo snake skin version which I spotted in Harrods here  with a price tag so high you just know animals died in the making of it.  Loving the colar on […]

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