Drawing People

Drawing People
Drawing People

About once a month I have an arty playdate.  Boy invites a friend and before I pick them up (or they get dropped off) I have an arty project ready to go.  As the years have passed the projects have changed but one project has stayed the same for the past four years.  Drawing People.  For this project you make a sheet of paper so large your kids can lay on it and be outlined in ink.

You then give them the task of taking their own figure and turning it into:

1.  Monsters – The more scary the better,  fangs, scars, insects crawling into noses and out of ears, bats flying around them.
2. Space Men – Space suits with oxygen tanks, laser guns, aliens and planet earth in the background
3.  Super Heros – Capes, special powers, stars and stripes underpants worn on top of tights – Super Villans with evil smiles
4.  Them – Get them to draw themselves.

Then the guest gets to take the drawing of themselves  the hero, the space man or monster home with them.  Naturally I keep hardly any of Boy’s artworks (Thats the job of Nanna).  It’s Wife’s mission to save them before I chuck them away.  I get a nice feeling when thinking about the monsters etc who may have made their way into Boy’s friends permanent collections….. lurking there, waiting patiently for a couple of decades until the mother decides to introduce him to daughter in law as a way of forging a connection or perhaps demonstrating a longer term investment.

I know.  I’m a romantic at heart.


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