The Waltons meets Louis Vuitton

I love the Waltons - LVMH
I love the Waltons – LVMH

Saturday and Sunday morning TV in the house for the last couple of weeks has seen Boy and myself on the sofa with episodes of the Waltons.  Its quite simply some of the best television in the world to watch with a kid.  It deals with questions of conscience and growing up like no other television today.

I remember Sunday afternoons of my childhood at Nanna and Grandads; Sunday roast dinner with the best yorkshire pudding then laying stuffed on the sofa with John-Boy Walton telling us about some scrape or test of character.  Today some iconic Louis Vuitton luggage arrived on Walton mountain in the hands of a Jewish family fleeing Hitlers 1930’s Germany and Kristallnacht.

Their luggage gets everywhere which isn’t surprising as they’ve been around nearly as long as Levi’s (There is about 1 year between them,  Levi made his first jeans in 1853 and Louis opened his first store in Paris in 1854!)  You’ll always spot LV trunks in films showing a 1920’s atlantic cruise ship crossing;  But this is the first time I’ve clocked them in a 1930’s depression soap opera.  A great storyline and kind of spooky to feel a connection with the story through the luggage.

Film maker Christian Borstlap did a great little Art film for a Marc Jacobs LV Exhibition in Paris about a year ago showing the changes and journeys LV luggage has taken over the years.  It was presented on Nowness  here.

Read up on Kristallnacht here

There are lots of Waltons fan sites out there but this one with the audio add for a Walton’s appreciation cruise to the Caribbean running in the back ground Here gets my vote.


How my Girlfriend will look in Givenchy SS14

IF you have to ask to join a tribe they WON'T let you in - Givenchy SS14
IF you have to ask to join a tribe they WON’T let you in – Givenchy SS14

The planets were in alignment over Tisci’s studio 6 months ago when he began to put this collection together.  Tim Blanks review over at (Here) says it all.  Tisci has ticked so many boxes with this collection his pen will have run dry.

Great Shape – Tick,
Great Model Selection – Tick,
Great Styling – Tick
Great Sandals – Tick,
Relevant Pieces – Tick –
Commercial – Tick Tick –
Posh Tribal – Tick.

Then just for measure the Talented sod adds:

A  stunning Goddess – TICK TICK TICK –  She’s wearing one of the more diffused jackets just so the wives and girlfriends can see how THEY will look when they steal these from their boyfriends!

A shout out to my feMates and school run friends – Would love to see you rock this look in the playground!

How my girlfriend will look in Givenchy SS14
How my girlfriend will look in Givenchy SS14




I go to sleep loving Chanel

I don't need reminding why I love Chanel
I don’t need reminding why I love Chanel – Do You?

I go to sleep loving Chanel.  I wake up loving Chanel.  I have this relationship with 20 or so brands / designers.  (Its almost the same relationship I have with Wife and Boy excepting I would do anything for them:-)).  My love for Chanel is born from a love of Talent and genius.  That a whole team of people can consistently get it so right, so many times is inspiring.

Something sparked in me today with a couple of the mens shows I’ve scanned.  Its the inconsistency of brand presentation and lack of depth in the collections.  Its as if the word research has been pushed out of the back door in favour of slapping labels on product.   I remembered a couple of old Chanel ads and went for a revisit.  The Vanessa Paradis birdcage and Keira Knightly spurned photographer.  I’d never watched the full Keira spot – fantastic – So on brand, so on message, so Chanel…

Vanessa is Here
Keira is Here
hanel Facebook Page is Here


Out on a Lim – SS14

If collections present visions - The vision here is mix and match!
If collections present visions – The vision here is mix and match!

Out on a Lim,  Phillip Lim 3.1 confused the hell out of my little brainbox.  (Wife will tell you thats an easy accomplishment)   This normally oh so  together designer served up a mish-mash of independent of each other OK little capsules.  But thats not what I want.  What I want is an insight.  Perhaps Lim is trying to say he understands everything thats going on at the moment.  That he really does get a bit of Gingham here, a bit of houndstooth there, a bit of neat textile mixing, a bit of clever deconstruction, a bit of sports and bit of ethnic, a bit of the future, a bit of the past a bit of neo a bit of college a bit of the dutch, a bit of flowers on black.  Its like someone threw a hand grenade in studios trend box.  Perhaps its the presentation   Me thinks someone on this page needs a Talented stylist.

Try one of the firms below:

London Stylist Agencies:

D + V has the full collection here

Powerfully Pretty – Dries Van Noten SS14


Pretty Strong - Dries Van Noten SS14
Pretty Strong – Dries Van Noten SS14

Gosh.  There is an underlying strength to this collection which reveals a depth of research and thinking.  Flower prints presented on masculine shapes, mixed texture styling and those crepe trousers. A fantastically assembled and styled show.  Powerful, Strong and Pretty – A word not often associated with male clothing…..I’ll be looking out for this collection next SS just to handle some of the garments.  Very Talented.

Fall in love with this collection here

Dries Van Noten SS14
Dries Van Noten SS14


Louis Vuitton Killer Jackets, Chavs and the Ivy League – SS14



Kim Jones you Talented Boy.  Totally in lust for this Killer Jacket, team it with my skinnies, the Dior high tops I broke the bank to buy a few seasons back and presto,  I’m a fresh 80’s revision for 2014.  Swap the high tops for your silver Oxfords and I’m ready to dance till dawn.   Pity it didn’t end there.  Dog pound neckerchiefs and and some silly logo jackets…..Feeling like I’m in the Ivy League and the Minor League at the same time… Something Americana happening here?  Well we know shoppers with cash to burn can be Chavs too.  That trend didn’t start in the playgrounds to Chatham,  it started on the polo grounds of Surrey and those guys will go ape for some of these pieces   Especially the FrReEsSH Chavtastic Tux which for me would be a school run classic!

Collection summary:  Rocky Horror Brad meets Upper Class British Chav at a Meadow Lane Hamptons Ding Dong they do a bunk and run away to Vegas.  After not hearing from the now legendary couple for a few months an invite to their civil comes through the post.  Mr Jones is there and gifts the whole wedding party with those Killer jackets…….Visit to see the full collection – Looking forward to reading the review….and my fantasy coming true,  its the only way I’m getting one of those jackets!

Kims Chavtastic Tux
Kims Chavtastic Tux

Religious Education – My Boy for Donatella

My Boys First Frock Design
My Boys First Frock Design

Parents evening last night and snapped this pic from Boys Religious Education book.  WOW he reproduced a powder blue, black belted cocktail dress with cuff detail from Versace late 80’s.   I’m loving the little extras,  the black leather leg strapping and flat black ballerinas.  The pink ermine wrap and star of india diamond necklace.  Topped with a light green gauze fascinator   He even spray tanned his bottle blond model to get  the full effect!  This girl is a princess.  What a Talented Boy!!

Then the teacher has the nerve to judge:  “Is this the type of clothing that Mary Jones would wear in 1784”  YES I SAY – Give Versace a time machine and this is EXACTLY what she would have been wearing!

Learn about Mary Jones Here she walked 25 miles to buy a Bible in 1784
Or Enter Atelier Versace Here and see what Boy was on about…

Of course had she worn Versace I’m sure the men of her village would have been lining up to give her a lift.