Paper Birds

Millen Birds
Millen Birds

WANT ONE! Walking down Regent Street and these lovely paper birds flew into my life.  WANT ONE.  They were part of the display in the Karen Millen shop.  This is not a store I would normally spend any time in but the birds held me captive and forced me to take photos.  None of which came out very well so if you want to see the whole effect find a Karen Millen.  HOLD ON.  They may not have these in your high street.  Just checked out their website and not a sniff of them there.  Must have been scared away.  Poor consistency of the brand manager here not tying something in over all channels.

The birds were made by:

Kim Uncovered – Whoever she is covers the story of the creation of the birds by a girl called Jessica Dance here
Jessica Dances Site here – Turns out she’s quite a talented prop designer.



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