Selfridges Grunge Protest Sucks

Grunge Protest
Grunge Protest

In nearly the worst bit of instore merchandising I’ve seen this decade (The many punk inspired exhibits over the last few months taped and stapled together my merchandisers too lazy to research/translate and create a true punk aesthetic win the worst award!) I cringed away from four mannequins in Selfridges menswear each well dressed for the concept but carrying placards written by my 7 year old:

GRUNGE NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD – Kurt would be spitting from his grave and Pearl Jam….Well…Eddie would probably say something like this:

I think fashion is a great art form, and I think people dress for different reasons and different purposes. The best clothing is that which make you feel something and project something,  this fashion is great but that sign well thats just S**T .”

My camera melted after taking the first picture so can’t show you the rest…


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