2 – 0 To Crabs

2-0 to Crabs
2-0 to Crabs

Sorry Boy.  I’ve let you down, Wife down and more than that I’ve let myself down again…  I am the crab jinx.

Took Boy crabbing this weekend.  Borrowed fantastic aged bacon from friends, purchased natty yellow crab line and crabbed in the sea on the edge of the New Forest.   30 mins in and no bites.. Memories of Cornwall earlier in the year are running through my mind.  No crabs!  Everyone else he goes with he catches millions of the little nippers…  What’s gone wrong.  The bacon’s good, the line is good; we’ve even bought the right clear plastic crabbing bucket.  The common factor is me.  When I’m about Boy does not catch crabs!

Wait…  Just thought about it.  Wife!  When Wife is about boy does not catch crabs.  This also ties in with Wife being a jinx on other occasions   When Wife watches an England match they always lose.  When I play cards against Wife I always lose…

It’s not me it’s Wife I must tell her….


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