Boy vs Boat

Boy vs. Boat
Boy vs. Boat

As usual Boy and me lagging behind the rest of the party.  We’d stopped to throw stones in the sea, chat about stuff and alternately ask each other if they could carry us.  (We’re both very lazy at heart!).  Ever since we were in a car park the other day and I challenged Boy to race me in the car in order to prove that he couldn’t outrun a car I’ve been looking for an opportunity to make him feel better about his speed.  I know I’m a bad dad for crushing expectations of his little legs so flatly but I want him to grow up to be a realist…. don’t I??   I definitely want him to know that a car is something he can’t outrun.

So there we are on a beach and a boat passes us.  I say to boy “Bet you can beat that boat” and quicker than you can shake a rabbit he’s off.  40 Metres later he stops.  He’s worked out the boat’s won.  I catch up with him laughing and he shoots off again sprinting to be the first to Wife.

I shoot off after him and well within 40 metres realise:

He can’t beat a car, he can’t beat a boat, but he can beat me…



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