Oliver Theyskens has stolen a time machine…

Theyskens Resort 14
Theyskens Resort 14

I had a moody intern once,  about 10 years ago.  Let’s call her the Moody Cow.  She had a face like Theyskens girl in this shot.  Looking somewhere between wanting the loo, having something interesting to say and total gormless.  How can it be then that given I’m both a bigger picture and detail guy that this all holds together.  Theyskens is a Talented boy and his Resort 14 shoot is NICE with a capital N and a slow drawl through the ICE.  It works for me as much as the sweatshirt, jeans and heals with EVA do.   This look is so next year he’s got to have a time machine in his back yard,  no one is this clever.

Style.com have the full story here.

While you are there check out the Max Azria for Herve collection here.  Someones channeling how I imagine hardbodies from American Psycho


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