Marc’s Utterly Romantic Resort 14

Marc Jacobs - Sister
Marc Jacobs – Sister

There are only three sisters in Pride and Prejudice that count.  Lizzy, Jane and Lydia.  Kittys a left behind, an also ran whose perhaps worthy of a bit of thought but not just now.  (According one source though she did end up marrying one of Bingley’s friends).  Marc Jacobs Resort 14; his pictures overflow with romance and sorority   A sisterhood that I feel like an elder brother looking onto.   I can already see the girls wearing these fury breton monsters with relaxed or tight cropped jeans and my hugging them and not wanting to let go because when I see this collection on the street I will remember this presentation and project its romantic undercurrent directly into the personality of the girl fortunate enough to pull this look together.  Good fashion,  what a talented boy Mr Jacobs is..

The best of the resort 14 so far..

Pride's Sisters
Pride’s Sisters – Lydia strokes Kittys Hair. has the full story here


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