Ruined Abbey Meze

Lunchtime Hide and Seek in the Ruined Abbey
Picnic and  Hide and Seek in the Ruined Abbey

We were motoring through the Norfolk countryside to a little farmers market we’d found the previous day to gather provisions to picnic.  Chunks of cheese, sun dried tom’s, interesting preserves and great slices of local ham.  A cooler stacked high with San Pellegrino Limonata made my day  (If you’ve tasted it you’ll understand).  I remembered a sign further up the road to an Abbeys ruins.  We spread our blanket in the middle of the ruins of Creake Abbey,  a 13c hospital turned Abbey by Henry 3.  We picnicked in what Wife told us was the oritinal dining hall and we listend quietly as she recounted the history of the place which she’d absorbed from a display on the way in the clever girl.  Boy being Boy after devouring our British Meze coorcsed us into a great game of hide and seek.  My best hiding place Lying behind a broken wall.  Boy was the seeker and it was Wife taking this picture that gave me away to him – Not so clever girl….

Creake Abbey  Official Site but the history page is down
Creake Abbey a bit of history

Sanpelligrino Limonata – All time fave



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