Balenciaga – God I miss Nicholas

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Balenciaga - Nicholas - Resort 13
Balenciaga – Nicholas – Resort 13

I know I’m just being a Whinging Pom looking back rather than forwards but thats just who I am.  When I’ve been in love I can’t just forget and move on I have to pine a bit.   My new partner will appreciate this as its reassuring to them that I’m not a callas bastard who when our break up comes will forget about them forever.   Fashion moves so fast that its always the next best thing,  the next new thing.  I feel the need to morn…..  Nicholas…  NICHOLAS……..  Alexander does not have what you have..  he is different and although I love you; I also love him, I’ve loved him for a while…. even though he leaves his pants on the floor and the toilet seat up at the moment….in time he will learn.  He’s already starting that process… going back to the beginning,  just where we were all those years ago Nicholas.

Wangs Balenciaga Resort 14
Wangs Beautiful Balenciaga Resort 14

The full story of Wangs first resort collection for Balenciaga here


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