Guarantee of Purity

Largest Tin Sign Ever
Largest Tin Sign Ever

Just outside the toilet of a quaint Norfolk horse and cart museum was the largest and most sophisticated reminder to wash your hands ever.  An early 20th century Sunlight soap tin sign.  The sort of sign you want to sneak into your smelly friends bathroom, that they would get the message and thank you for at the same time.  My grandfather worked for Lever Brothers – later to become Unilever the producers of sunlight for over 25 years.  He was given a gold watch on his retirement which came to me on his death.  Apparently he sold soap.  My mother still wears the gold watch I had to pawn to her in my straightened teenage years, when money and fun were more important to an adolescent Simon than family and history.

I can’t work out what the £1000 is about but am sure it was not the price of the soap!

Sunlight Soaps wiki here


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